Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tool #11

1. Some of my favorite tools are Xtra Normal, Learning Games for Kids, TESiboard, BigHugeLabs, and the blog. I plan and have used BigHugeLabs, and Xtra Normal in my class. Also, I plan on using the interactive games through the interactive whiteboard as a practice review and work stations.
2. I have transformed my thinking about technology by making room in my lessons to accommodating more technology use for student investigation and learning. The only changes I have to make will be in the rules of usage since more will be available.
3. The only unexpected outcome was that it took over an hour to finish the assessment for Tool 11. My colleague and I took it together, but the questions were different except for a slated few, so it was closer to a total of 75 questions that we scrutinized over. We passed , but it was very grueling. I know we did not need to pass to get our certificate, but I guess it's the teacher in me that wanted to do well.

Tool # 10

Three things that I would want to make sure that my students understand is to never put personal information on line, never post disrespectful thoughts or ideas on line, and never share their log in password.
A resource that I plan to share with my class is the Brain Pop video or digital citizenship.

I would teach the students by showing the Brain Pop video and having them answer the questions using voters. Also, I would create an anchor chart to keep by the technology cart for students to review before going on line.

A way to share this information with parents would be through my blog or weekly letter that I send out to parents via e-mail.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Tool # 9

Tool #9 showed different apps and ideas for usage. It is important to tie technology to objectives, because technology adds resources and hands-on interactive activities that keep students engaged. Students need to be held accountable at stations just like any other observable learning and make sure that students are accountable for their learning. Some interactive games that would make for great stations are "Learning Games For Kids" and "tutpup". Some Apps that looked interesting to have on the iPads are, KickBox, Thinking Games, Playtime Theater, and Multiplication Rap 2 x HD. To make sure that students accountable for learning, they would have to reflect in their journals what they did, what they learned, and any recommendations. Students would be assigned in groups of 3 and use a rubric menu. Other ways to use the iPad are for research and taking notes.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tool # 8

After watching the videos, I learned that each student must sign in prior to working, because it takes a long time to sign in for the first time. So, I will set it up as a station for students to just sign in. I learned that it has a port to plug in my projector. I learned how to create pictures and videos.

How will I manage these devises? I will have 2 technology managers, who will be responsible for pulling them out in the morning and returning them at the end of the day. There will be specific rules as to how they are carried around the room, when students can work on them, responsible parties when groups are working on them, and rules on how to use it. I will number each devise and have a sign in/out sheet as to what number is being used by what student, so that the teacher knows at all times who has what device. Devices will be used for research and projects.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tool # 7

Our objective is to interact with another class to do some creative writing, poetry, using content the students have learned. This will not only create interaction between the two classes, but it will also reiterate content taught. We will collaborate with our Reading Buddies- Kinder. Pieces can be edited through the Wiki in which the students will have access. Published pieces will then be posted on our class Wiki. We are hoping to implement this within the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tool # 6 SKYPE

This will be so great to use and interact with others. I still need to find out if I need a camera. We have a student that moved away, and a new student with grandparents in Alaska, so this will be a useful tool to contact and keep in contact with. I can't wait to try it out. But I still think I need a camera. Which I will get soon. I hope.

Tool # 6 Wallwisher

The Wallwisher is simple enough. I can't wait to see the comments. I posted on a Wallwisher some time back and actually embedded a song. Can't remember how I did it, but I did.
Where will technology be in 20 years?
It's an amazing thing-technology. They all seem to be getting smaller and smaller, but is it making us too vulnerable, are we too dependent on our technology, will handwriting be a thing of the past?
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