Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tool #11

1. Some of my favorite tools are Xtra Normal, Learning Games for Kids, TESiboard, BigHugeLabs, and the blog. I plan and have used BigHugeLabs, and Xtra Normal in my class. Also, I plan on using the interactive games through the interactive whiteboard as a practice review and work stations.
2. I have transformed my thinking about technology by making room in my lessons to accommodating more technology use for student investigation and learning. The only changes I have to make will be in the rules of usage since more will be available.
3. The only unexpected outcome was that it took over an hour to finish the assessment for Tool 11. My colleague and I took it together, but the questions were different except for a slated few, so it was closer to a total of 75 questions that we scrutinized over. We passed , but it was very grueling. I know we did not need to pass to get our certificate, but I guess it's the teacher in me that wanted to do well.

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