Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week 3 Tool 3: comment on using videos

I love to use YouTube in my flip charts for class as well as Discovery Education. Both offer videos that can capture what is needed to help teach a concept or get a point across in the classroom. YouTube is quick and easy and you can find old movies or just an idea related to the topic you are teaching. I am so glad they are available for teachers.


Becky Lee said...

Hi, friend! Glad you got a lot out of Tool 3! Don't forget to go back in and post links or embed 2 useful videos that you might want to use with your kiddos! Great work!

Marcia Looper said...

I love working with you, dear friend! You are a teacher extraordinaire! Thanks for all you do to turn kids on to learning! Your former students are ALWAYS talking about books you have turned them on to! I love that! The use of videos like these are great examples of the benefits of 21st century learning and I love the way you apply these tools in your teaching! You go, girl!!!