Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thing #19

Unless you delve into each and every site to know what it contains, or unless you are familiar with the sites, or you have a need, I truly do not see the point. Maybe I am missing something! It is special in that it lists some of the top web sites, but can be subjective. What parts are useful for library or school--need.

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VWB said...

this was meant to be sIMPLY an opportunity for you to check out ONE award-winning tool from the lsit for whatever reason you found it interesting...for school or personally. Another way to let you know how many useful tools there are
Lots of scrapbookers like some for that reason, some cooks and chefs fnd one aobut recipes, etc., others took another look at google things

take a look at some of the other Players' #19 and maybe you will see one that interests you